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Spice Up Your Soup Life


     During the Holidays, food is a big part of everyone’s lives. I am often asked what my favorite food is: a leg of lamb. Although it is my favorite, it is usually only eaten on special occasions. My favorite food I can eat everyday is soup! Soup warms you soul, makes a cold… Read More

Go, Cubs, Go!


What’s on my mind? Nothing but “W”s. My family, the Cubs, the restaurant, the Cubs, the election, woodworking, sleep, and the Cubs. I would not say I am obsessed, just a die-hard fan. I came out of the womb a fan and have been watching them play since 1972; even through those rough few years… Read More

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Crossroads is now open in N. Dallas!

Employee of the Month

Date: December 2016
Name: Adam Ruempolhamer
Position: Cook
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Family: Mom - Elaine
Brother - Christian
Girlfriend - Dani

Hobbies: Fly-fishing
Anything outdoors

Favorite Dish: Pork Shank or anything Thai

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