Go, Cubs, Go!

What’s on my mind? Nothing but “W”s.

My family, the Cubs, the restaurant, the Cubs, the election, woodworking, sleep, and the Cubs. I would not say I am obsessed, just a die-hard fan. I came out of the womb a fan and have been watching them play since 1972; even through those rough few years when it was embarrassing to say “Yeah, I’m a Cubs fan”. But I have to wonder, is this the year?

I have found a little relief now that we clinched the National League Central Division title, and have home field advantage for the National League¬†playoffs. I try not to exhaust all my energy on controlling the games’ outcomes from my couch. I have made it a tradition to watch the games with my 15 year old daughter, Janelle, who has a new found love for the Cubs, even though she’ll tell you she has been a fan all along. My wife, Karen, and youngest daughter, Allie, will join in on the watch party once we get a little too loud.

Even though it is on my mind, I am still worried that talking about it will lessen their chances of a World Series Victory.

So, I write this in hopes that all Cubs fans will raise their hands and sing, “Go, Cubs, Go”.


Chef Tom