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Crossroads is always delicious! We eat there often and host events in their private room. The service is phenomenal and the atmosphere is upbeat & friendly. Even the owner Tom is friendly, esp for a super-talented chef, as not all of them are also nice people! Love Crossroads!!!

Blake Hollers Avatar
Blake Hollers

When you're there you're family. Thanks Tom! You're the best! Everything is always perfect, delicious illy coffee. All of the wait staff are amazing and interesting people. Headed your way in an hour! See you soon! Can't wait!

Jay Cherry Avatar
Jay Cherry

This was the first time at the new location since they moved from walnut hill. Fluffy pancakes, and the rest was just as tasty. Olivia did a great job considering it was so busy.

Tim Burright Avatar
Tim Burright

Amazing customer service. Even the head chef was out helping clean up tables and talking to customers. Great team work. Even better food.

Cody Heydenreich Avatar
Cody Heydenreich

Normally I wouldn't complain about another customer, let alone take off a star because of one, except this customer is (supposedly) the owners friend. Otherwise I'd happily give five stars.

When I told the customer that those were motorcycle spaces, the customer said the owner gave them permission to use the those spaces. Either have motorcycle parking or don't. Or add vintage car parking. At the very least, tell your friend to stop pushing the blame off on you. If this is not your friend, enforce the motorcycle parking or remove it.

Ryan Heimbuch Avatar
Ryan Heimbuch

Excellent breakfast cafe. The food is very tasty, and you get plenty. Relaxed atmosphere. The chef is very friendly. We have become regulars.

Preston Ferrell Avatar
Preston Ferrell

The sticky bun was huge and perfect. The quiche was delicious and remained hot while I finished the sticky bun. The hashbrowns tasted good, and the employees treated guests well. There's a way to enter a queue to be seated, which I didn't know prior to my arrival, but I didn't have a long wait. I would come here again.

Tim Anderson Avatar
Tim Anderson

Delicious and always great atmosphere. I highly recommend this place! They have the best pancakes and their hash is a must. Do not miss out they close at 2pm every day.

Martin Amble Avatar
Martin Amble

American food at this place - delicious. Everyone at our table was quite pleased. Really nothing but good experiences here.

Elena Carrillo Avatar
Elena Carrillo

The cinnamon bun was amazing! The sticky bun has such great caramelization.

I had the chicken fried steak with eggs for brunch and it was the best I've ever had. I had great deal of different ones from various restaurants but this one beats it. The texture, seasoning, gravy from here is top notch. You will not be disappointed!

Jennifer Stevenson Avatar
Jennifer Stevenson

This was easily the best breakfast place I’ve been to in Dallas. Not only was the food delicious, but the service was exceptional. Everyone that came to our table was so kind to us and the kids (a 4yo and a baby). Our waitress, Crystal, was really lovely.

Paige Mason Avatar
Paige Mason

Great service! Amazing Food for under $10! Sticky buns are a must have if visiting.

Gloria O'Neale Avatar
Gloria O'Neale

This place is one of the best breakfast spots in North Dallas. The wait is well worth it, but you may have to sit outside. Servers are great and the atmosphere is clean and homey.

Bradley Anderson Avatar
Bradley Anderson

Favorite local breakfast in Richardson! Generous portions, great prices and services. Don't pass up the sticky buns!

Caesar Vallejo Avatar
Caesar Vallejo

I love this place. The service is awesome. Tom, the owner, is very personable. I've never had a bad meal at Crossroads.

Ellana McCombs Avatar
Ellana McCombs

Food was great. Atmosphere was good. I'll go again

Jeanine Fultz Avatar
Jeanine Fultz

Pancakes to die for. Good home cooking. Large portions small prices. Excellent customer service.

Lisa W Avatar
Lisa W

My favorite breakfast diner in Dallas. Must try the sticky bun with a couple cups of fine coffee. Country fried steak was the best.

John Longawa Avatar
John Longawa

My top site for quality American food. got there about two, it was not packed. quick, helpful, and friendly service. the place has an awesome feel to it. this place has positive reviews for a reason.

Bella Maxwell Avatar
Bella Maxwell

A favorite place for quality american food. This location is absolutely outstanding. Looking forward to returning with my friends. Prices were decent. Atmosphere is like a restaurant in Fort Worth I loved.

Delilah Hunter Avatar
Delilah Hunter

This place had AMAZING FOOD! But the only thing that really bugged me is how alot of the food is rich flavored. When stuff is rich flavored I get filled up quickly. So because of this I will give the place a four but I'd there was a 4.5, I would put that down instead.

Jacob Drennan Avatar
Jacob Drennan

Delicious food. Wonderful service. If you're visiting Texas this place is a must. Texans already know that Crossroads is awesome!

Debra DeBoer Avatar
Debra DeBoer

I had a late lunch here. The food was delicious,eggs were prepared exactly as I ordered (hard to find) and our waiter could not have better. NOW ... the caramel sticky bun was over the top and would have been enough for two ... if I hadn't piggishly eaten it all. I did have to improve on it a mite by slathering it with butter. Other wise, it was perfect. 😉

Gary Dittrich Avatar
Gary Dittrich

Going with a large group including a two year old, the service and quality of food at crossroads is astounding. The staff there are incredibly friendly and accommodating, they have boosters and baby seat racks for the little ones, and crayons for the not as little ones. They have kids cups with lids which is a great convenience.

The food is tasty as well! I enjoyed the sticky buns (that they are well known and famous for) as well as the pancakes and waffles. My favorite is the basic buttermilk, but others have talked highly about the chocolate chip pancake. I love corned beef hash and here they have one of my favorite homemade versions of it!

David Tao Avatar
David Tao

Going with a large group including a two year old, the service and quality of food at crossroads is astounding. The staff there are incredibly friendly and accommodating, they have boosters and baby seat racks for the little ones, and crayons for the not as little ones. They have kids cups with lids which is a great convenience.

The food is tasty as well! I enjoyed the sticky buns (that they are well known and famous for) as well as the pancakes and waffles. My favorite is the basic buttermilk, but others have talked highly about the chocolate chip pancake. I love corned beef hash and here they have one of my favorite homemade versions of it!

David Tao Avatar
David Tao

ALWAYS a good day with a good meal when dining at Crossroads Diner in Dallas AND with corn beef, over easy eggs and the fluffiest pancakes ever. Also I am typically not a bread person, but the chef graced me with their homemade biscuits and WOW. Some of the best biscuits I’ve ever had. Thanks Chef #bestbreakfastinDallas

Frida McKenzie Avatar
Frida McKenzie

Didn't get to try the hot bun. Food was good, but I didn't think coffee was worth 2.99. (Coming from a frugal person) Service was great and the wait for food was better than most.

Mitchell Lyon Avatar
Mitchell Lyon

By far, the best pancakes I've ever tasted! Consistently light and fluffy. And really the only thing I ever order these days. So much food, though, I end up with a to-go box every time.

Cathy Baumgartner Avatar
Cathy Baumgartner

Tried this place on a whim based on pics that came up in Google. I am extremely happy that I did. The food was amazing, the service was great. Will def be back again!

Dorian Avatar

One of my favorite places for delicious american food. Dropped in on Tues. Next time I'll be back with my coworkers. The bill was appropriate. Kinda of like a restaurant in Los Angeles I liked to visit.

Seth Woodard Avatar
Seth Woodard

Crossroads Diner deserves 7 stars. They are the greatest restaurant I have been to in a long time. The staff is very friendly, helpful & attentive to there customers. We eat breakfast when we come (20 miles one way & worth it) and it is delicious along with the tea & coffee. I have a side note: there silverware is clean, not any spots, tables, chairs, floors and they have the cleanest restrooms I have ever seen!!

Phyllis Mangum Avatar
Phyllis Mangum

Absolutely amazing food. Prices are a little higher than your standard breakfast fare but it's more than worth it. If you live in the North Dallas area, this place is a must-try. Big fan.

Saul Goddell Avatar
Saul Goddell

I've been here three times now, including once to bring out of town friends. Crossroads has always been great service, and great food. Every dish I've tried, I've enjoyed, and they keep your coffee topped off to boot. You may have a wait, especially if you go too late in the morning, but good things come to those who wait.

Justin Wooley Avatar
Justin Wooley

Excellent food! Grits are out of this world! Service was great and wait time was minimal! Makes cracker barrel taste like IHOP! Prices are very reasonable.

Jon Forshee Avatar
Jon Forshee

Nice and friendly restaurant. The server is willing to answer all questions and taking photos for us. Food is great too. Will come back again.

Po-Chun Tseng Avatar
Po-Chun Tseng

The food here is fresh and delicious, and Antonio is an excellent server. Today I had a Crossroads Power Bowl. I chose the breakfast sausage and to have my eggs over easy. The breakfast sausage was excellent and my eggs were cooked perfectly. The flavor of all the ingredients together was SCRUMPTIOUS!

Angela Breaux Avatar
Angela Breaux


Bar none the best breakfast I had on my visit to Dallas. The food was delicious, the staff is sweet. They have real sausage patties, not the flat thawed out of a box.

The strawberry jelly comes in these tiny cups, I'm pretty sure they make their own from scratch. The syrup is heated up and smells fresh. I loved it. Plenty of room, but it may get very busy on Sundays.


Steven Castro Avatar
Steven Castro

Wonderful breakfast or brunch location! There was a little bit of a wait when we got there, but the staff was very efficient and the food is well worth the time we waited. Our waitress was very attentive but not overbearing, and she was very clearly busy (this did not subtract from the service we received, which was very good) but managed to still make us feel welcome. Try the Sunday specials!

Brandon Sissom Avatar
Brandon Sissom

American food, super good. Very savory. I'll return with my coworkers. It has an awesome atmosphere.

Izabella Huber Avatar
Izabella Huber

American food and service at this location is excellent. Nice location to meet with family. Looking forward to returning with my relatives. Menu is similar to a restaurant in Jacksonville I liked.

Briana Woods Avatar
Briana Woods

Home cooking @ best. I had pecan waffles. Eggs sausage. Those are the best ever waffles. I love this place. It has a great family feel. Call ahead though because it's very popular

Gloretha Wallace Avatar
Gloretha Wallace

Accommodated our large party with two kids on short notice. The service was spectacular and the food was even better! Very excited to try more of their menu!

Dillon LaFoy Avatar
Dillon LaFoy

Pretty good American style breakfast! Next time I’ll have to try the sticky buns since that seems to be there big thing!

Staff was friendly and wait was shorter than expected!

Travis Floores Avatar
Travis Floores

Most fluffy perfect pancakes ever

I had a good experience. The pancakes were phenomenal. I've not had a better pancake in my life, they were so fluffy and perfect. The maple syrup comes out in a little metal cup with a very watery consistency because it's so hot... pour slowly.

The biscuits and frittatas are excellent. I was not happy with the large chunks of chorizo sausage in the gravy, for the biscuits and gravy... it should've been breakfast sausage with a finer cut, but that's just my thought.

The bacon, eggs, grits, and hash browns were fine.

DonePayingFor PoorQuality Avatar
DonePayingFor PoorQuality

Love this place so much! AMAZING food, and good service. Always clean, even when busy.

Emma Farmer Avatar
Emma Farmer

Very great place to eat all around. They have the best chicken fried steak I've ever had. So tender you don't need a knife to cut it. A little pricey but definitely worth the money. Everything at this restaurant is made from scratch so it has that homemade taste you can't resist. I'd definitely recommend the chicken fried steak and especially their world famous sticky buns. Super duper sweet.

FauxNews CuzPhuckFactsRight? Avatar
FauxNews CuzPhuckFactsRight?

This place was GREAT!!! Perfectly located on the way to work and the best breakfast for miles! Nothing was lacking at all! Open floor plan, super clean, fast and extremely friendly (yet not in your face) service and the food was tremendous at an extremely reasonable price! Really hard to find a place like this where you can go by yourself or bring clients for a morning meet-up. This is my new haunt, for sure!

Jason Mitchell Avatar
Jason Mitchell

My favorite brunch spot in town. The chef has cooked with some of the very best chefs in the world and runs this no frills diner so he can spend time with his kids. The food is phenomenally good. Get blueberry pancakes. The best I've ever had in a restaurant. Also if the special is pork shank get it. Chefs demi glace is so good if he put it on a flip flop I'd eat it. I will be back at my usual booth for more. Thank you chef for putting out consistent plates that always make my day when I have the chance to eat them.

Alex Mitchakes Avatar
Alex Mitchakes

We enjoyed brunch at Crossroads this morning, we really enjoyed the food. Service was very friendly too. We definitely recommend this diner. Delicious food.

Danielle Goolsbay Avatar
Danielle Goolsbay

Food is always on point and service is great. Highly recommend corn beef hash or eggs Benedict. And if you don't get a sticky bun first you have failed yourself! Keep up the good work Chef Tom and crew! Oh... No wait app is a must on weekends but treat yourself on a Tuesday.

Matthew Jones Avatar
Matthew Jones

Always wantes to go there but the line was long and it was busy. This time we came early. Great food and atmosphere,not just a regular Diner but with style and character that me personally love. I recommend it, but go early or expect to wait a bit. Bit it's worth it.

Kobi Adato Avatar
Kobi Adato

The best egg salad and tomato basil soup around, yes they are Famous for their Cinnamon rolls, but everything there is fantastic. Great service, friendly and efficient, and family owned and operated . Fabulous food a must try because once you do it will be a favorite on your list ...

Paula Lemieux Avatar
Paula Lemieux

Great food and great service every time. This place is so clean and well run. The restrooms are immaculate. They do it right and I love going here!

Paul Pittman Avatar
Paul Pittman

I think this place is honestly one of THE best brunch places I've been to. The sticky bun is def something to go back for. Food came and fast and hot. The prices aren't too bad either, typical brunch prices I guess.

The only complaint I have is that our server took a while to get our order but is was super busy that day so it's not that big of a deal. If you live in Richardson/Dallas area, check it out! you won't be disappointed!'

Megan Silavongsa Avatar
Megan Silavongsa

The frittatas were amazing. Fresh butter and preserves made in the kitchen perfectly topped the thick, fluffy pancakes. It's not the easiest place to get to, not well worth the trip. Chef Tom greeted us at our table, and is a genuinely nice guy.

Thom Lolley Avatar
Thom Lolley

So the food here is incredible. I love the sticky bun and the sticky bun French toast. It is amazing. But the best part is the service. I have always loved my servers there. They are personable and kind and funny. This is a great place.

Sarah Worsham Avatar
Sarah Worsham

My dad and I discovered Crossroads when it first opened, on Walnut Hill near Presby. Loved it from the start, and the food and service have always been top notch. Tom and his partner (the owners), their families and employees really put their heart into this - and it shows. The food is always fresh and perfectly executed. The quiches are perfectly cooked, the pancakes are the best in the city, and hand ground corned beef for the hash? Yes please! Been coming here for years, and will continue to do so.

Michael Gross Avatar
Michael Gross

OMG BREAKFAST WAS DELICIOUS!!!!! Today was my first time visiting this restaurant and I had eggs, bacon, hash browns and Blueberry Pancakes. It was absolutely amazing fresh eggs that were scrambled to perfection, huge pile of fresh hash browns, crisp bacon and 💯% fresh blueberries in the pancakes and tons of them. I will definitely visit again. I forgot to take a picture of my delicious meal but I did capture a picture of the coolest light fixture they have. Enjoy your day everyone.

Brandalyn Curry Avatar
Brandalyn Curry

This place is amazing. Found it on Google. The sticky bun was heaven on a plate. Homemade jam!!! Fabulous on the light and fluffy pancakes.

Taren was our server and they great! Very attentive. This is our new favorite brunch place.

Tori Me Avatar
Tori Me

Our favorite brunch spot ever! We had our rehearsal dinner here at Crossroads and the food is still talked about among our friends four years later! We love going back on Saturday mornings and remembering all the fun dates we had at this place! Karen still remembers us and greets us personally and the serving staff is unmatched! Some even know us and remember our order 🙂 Don't miss this hometown cozy diner with delicious food!!

Jessica A. Chance Avatar
Jessica A. Chance

Sunday morning a word.

WONDERFUL!! Everything we had was fresh and tasty and big and awesome. Worth a few more trips just to keep trying new things from that huge menu! Go and enjoy!!!

Nancy Petrusek Avatar
Nancy Petrusek

Sticky buns, that's all I should have to say. They're hot, they're fresh, great yeast dough, caramel and pecans. They feed 4 people, I kid you not. Ask for the sticky buns club card, buy 10 get one free. I love the pork shank special and the biscuits and gravy, wife loves the breakfast chalupas and blueberry pancakes which are loaded with real blueberries.

Shad Holt Avatar
Shad Holt

Great food and friendly service. The food came out a little slow but you don't rush the good things (it was lunch time too). Had the chicken fried steak with hash and sunny side eggs. It comes with pancakes but you can take advantage of checking in on Yelp for free pancakes and don't forget to show them your thing I forgot. Overall good experience!

Thy Bui Avatar
Thy Bui

Only reason I choose to come to cross roads over a cheaper place like ihop is because their breakfast menu is much better.

Bacon is thicker and crispier, pancakes are buttery and fluffier, eggs scrambled is a larger serving, coffee tastes fresh not bitter/burnt. And their parfait bowl is delicious. The fruit is fresh and granola mix is perfect, yogurt is a good choice too.

Only thing I personally don’t enjoy but others do is the grits (ask them about it)

Yaneisy Guerra Avatar
Yaneisy Guerra

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS RESTAURANT! This has become my favorite eating place in Dallas . I have promoted and bragged about this restaurant to all my friends and family. I am determine to bring all of them by to get a taste of this FRESHNESS! Friendly staff.... The entire staff possess NATURAL hospitality! I love it they are extremely personable, made me feel comfortable every time I come . Trisha is always amazing, always smiling, always warm. I love this place ! From the moment I come to the moment I leave . Did I mention the food is FRESH and made from SCRATCH . And it’s not expensive

Lourenzo Caldwell Avatar
Lourenzo Caldwell

Great service, excellent food. Many breakfast choices on the menu and all of them are good.

We have eaten breakfast here many times and will be back many more times.

Rodney Henderson Avatar
Rodney Henderson

What a great meal! It was our first visit and won’t be our last. I called in ahead of time to see what the wait was like on a Sunday AM for two people. The wait was 45 minutes, but the hostess who answered the phone told me to download the NOWAIT app to get a place in line. By the time we arrived we only had about a 5 minute wait left!

Our waitress was Jessica and she was excellent! The food was outstanding! Everything came out as we requested it. I highly recommend you try the sticky bun, its unreal.

Alan Avatar

Guys... This place has great food and all, but our waitress, Ashley, is where our experience really took a turn for the BEST! She was highly attentive and did whatever she could in her power to get us what we wanted. In my case, this was some sweet tea (which is not served regularly on their menu options). She literally went to the back and whipped up a pitcher of some sweet tea for me, specifically! She was always happy, very patient and just about one of the friendliest waitstaff experiences I've ever had in my life.

If you go and want super service, ask for Ashley.

And to the owner, you guys should start serving sweet tea as a normal drink option!

Abraham Vargas Avatar
Abraham Vargas

A nice menu with variety of breakfast and lunch selections. Mimosas are good to enjoy. Pecan waffle and pecan French toast are really good. Always packed by locals. Enjoy.

Getupradio Media Avatar
Getupradio Media

I’ve eaten here several times, it’s been great every time. Service is always fantastic, food is comforting, fresh and made to order. Be careful of wait times, use the “no wait” app, super helpful.

Quiendra Brown Avatar
Quiendra Brown

The Holistic Chamber of Commerce meets at Crossroads Diner once a month and its staff is always wonderful! They are very accommodating despite the sometimes hectic environment that we can create as we run our meetings and provide excellent service every time.

Kathleen Ellerie Avatar
Kathleen Ellerie

Good food. Great service. Nice atmosphere. Not too noisy; you can actually carry on a conversation here.

Mark Craig Avatar
Mark Craig

I've been here numerous times and have always really enjoyed my experience. Everyone is so friendly. The food is always delicious. This has become my go to spot on the weekends. Love it!

rosendo garza Avatar
rosendo garza

Great breakfast! In our group, regular pancakes, pecan pancakes and corned beef hash with eggs. Each delivered hot and with nice presentation. Pancakes are large and fluffy. Wait staff are excellent.

Joseph Kieszkowski Avatar
Joseph Kieszkowski

This is excellent awesome, extraordinary brunch! A must try... and repeat! Favorite brunch in the area! Waitress Ashley wonderful, nice and very helpful!I've come here on multiple occasions, because let's be real, the food is amazing!! Inexpensive for the quality and quantity of food you get! Sticky buns are a must, at least once, and the free stack of blueberry pancakes you get with checking in (yes, you can literally get free pancakes EVERY time you go!) are the best!

The wait is usually quite long on the weekend, but if you're like me and either have trouble getting out of bed or just want a good meal after a later workout, I suggest getting in line with the 'no wait' app. I've gone in on a Saturday when the wait is about 30-45 minutes and just walked right in because I got in line from home!

This place is on my top 3 for breakfast in Dallas!

kathy mary Avatar
kathy mary