What a week and a half!

Building Exterior

We’ve been open at our brand new location at 17194 Preston Road in North Dallas for more than a week now and we are starting to settle in!

Over the past week and a half, our servers have carved out their favorite routes to and from the kitchen, the kitchen staff has gotten spoiled by our much larger, more efficient space, and Carl, Karen, and I have managed to survive it all!

We want to thank all our loyal customers who have visited our new home and our new customers! We love the Preston-Campbell neighborhood and look forward to serving N. Dallas and the surrounding area for years to come!

It’s exciting to move to a new space, but we’re still trying to work out all the bugs. Some things on the punch list we knew about, but other things were a big surprise!

For example, the building doesn’t have enough water pressure! Really?? But, thankfully, we don’t have to shower here!

Also, our coffee machine broke down on Valentine’s Day! What a terrible time for that to happen, but we forged ahead! As the expression goes, “Man plans and God Laughs.”

Inside of restaurantThrough it all, we keep churning out the best sticky buns, breakfast and lunch in Dallas!

We hope you’re enjoying our new menu items and don’t forget, we cater and host special parties and events in the evenings!

Chef Tom